Monday, 25 February 2013

Spicy Kollu Vegetable Roll

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Spicy Kollu Vegetable Rolls with Yogurt Dip

Soak kollu for 5 hours and pressure cook it.
Cut the vegetables Onion, Beans, Carrot, Cabbage, Green chillies, Coriander leaf finely.
Heat butter in the pan saute finely the vegetables one by one add mashed kollu in that.
Finely add salt, pepper powder, red chilli powder, gram masala powder mix it well and keep it aside to cool.
Prepare maida batter (or) egg and bread crumbs.
I used 3 rolls in maida batter and another 3 dark brown rolls in egg coating.
Roll the vegetables which shape u like and dip the roll in maida batter and coat with bread crumbs.
Heat oil in the pan & fry the rolls. Hot and spicy roll ready.
Serve with yogurt dip

Yogurt Dip

Fresh yogurt 1cup + 2tbsp orange juice +  2tbsp Honey + Sprinkle of pepper


  1. Finally I can comment here!! :) Yummy Yummy fritters!! :)